Who am I

Štěpán Škorpil


💼 Work experience

  • Software engineer in company MEDIA FACTORY Czech Republic a.s.
    Development of web applications
    July 2019 - present
  • Software engineer in company Training-online.eu
    Development of elearning platform in PHP language, XMPP chat integration, WebRTC videoconference, SCORM viewer, development and managment of MySQL databases, managment of Linux servers, development and managment of Docker infrastructure, managment of mail servers.
    June 2013 - June 2019
  • PHP Developer in company Stylový web
    Development of PHP web presentations
    June 2011 - June 2013

🎓 Education

  • Master's degree in Web and software engineering
    Faculty of software engineering at Czech technical university in Prague
    September 2012 - June 2015
  • Bachelor's degree in Software engineering
    Faculty of electrical engineering at Czech technical university in Prague
    September 2009 - June 2012

🗨 Languages

  • Czech
    mother tongue
  • English

💻 Professional skills

  • Programming in MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, Sass, TypeScript, JavaScript, Java, C++, Bash, XML
  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming
  • Knowledge of Apache, Nginx, Traefik, MySQL servers
  • Knowledge of PHP framework Nette, and several libraries from Symfony framework
  • Experience with PHP CMS Drupal, and partly Wordpress
  • Knowledge of JavaScript frameworks React, JQuery, Vue
  • Experience with Spring Java frameworkem and Maven build tool
  • Experience with integration of videoconference server Kurento and Openvidu into web application
  • Experience with managment of  Linux computers and servers (Arch, Debian, Ubuntu)
  • Experience with development and managment of services in Docker environment
  • Experience with running Ejabberd XMPP server
  • Knowledge of tools like Git, IntelliJIdea, NetBeans

🚗 Driving license

  • Category B

🌟 Other skills

  • Editing vector (Inkscape) and bitmap (Gimp) graphics
  • Building and running 3D printer
  • Creating 3D models in OpenScad