Web of Pardubice summer camp v3

Submitted by Stopka on Mon, 11/13/2017 - 22:00

It's eight years since I created last version of Pardubice summer camp website, so I created a new version. Now it is powered by popular CMS Drupal 8, several extension modules and my custom Bootstrap 3 theme. Web is finally responsive, easily usable and highly editable.

Design should be modern and cheery and colorfull. Primary colors are derived from our logo, yellow and blue. But every content page has it's own generated accent color.

I also added a little detail to the design: there are little silhouettes of playing children, one randomly selected on every page. They are placed in the page and content backgrounds and in content header. Silhouettes are originally hand drawn by my sister Kája, then scanned and transformed to vector graphics.

Web is also more secure. We finally added tls encryption.