Výroční logo LDTMPP 2014

Submitted by Stopka on

On the Pardubice summer camp we have a tradition of giving the competition winner a colourfull t-shirt with a logo symbolizing the year theme. And also it become a tradition that I am the one who designs the logo. Year 2014 is for our camp very special, because it is the 20th year anniversary of establishing the camp organising group. This means, that the logo is also used on things made for celebration events. Theme of the camp was chosen to match the celebration mood: "Stars on the ground", meaning musicians, actors, directors...

I managed to build ale these meanings into the logo itself. There is a celuloid film strip targeting the film industry, the strip ends with a number of 20, symbolizing the aniversary year. The film continues to form a sash to remind celebrations. And there is also our camp logo among stars.