Web and logo Petra Šípková

Submitted by Stopka on Thu, 02/28/2019 - 16:59

I am running my mom's web sites for years now. In fact these are two webs, both presenting her art skills using photogallery of her creations. One web is presenting my mom as talented florist, the other one shows her as jewellery maker.

Websites were based on CMS Drupal version 7, now i decided to migrate these to Drupal 8. On that occasion I also made new theme based on modern frontend framework Bootstrap 4.

I also wanted to add a simple logo. The idea was, that a web presenting handicrafts should also have hand drawn logo, so my mom herself draw a quick sketch of a rosehip on paper, which I digitalized into vector graphics. Why a rosehip? Because her last name - Šípková - means rosehip in czech language.

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