Elevator component

Submitted by Stopka on Sun, 05/02/2021 - 23:16

I was asked to print a replacement for a broken part of an elevator. I don't know where exactly this piece fits on actual elevator, but it seems to be a cover of an emergency telephone speaker.

Originally I wanted to do it my traditional way. First scan the piece using ordinary 2D scanner. Then trace outlines in Inkcape to get vector paths. Export paths to Openscad and there use several extrusions, differences, joins and other operations to create a model. 

But the version 1.0.0 of Inkscape was released and plugin I was using to export svg to openscad paths isn't maintained anymore. Here I got the idea to try newly discovered program called FreeCad. The shape of the part is simple thus ideal for first trial with a new tool.

And it worked well. I started by watching several Youtube tutorials1,2,3 to learn basic workflow and to find out how to use some extrusion types. Then it was a piece of cake. Model can be exported directly to amf file, which is supported by Prusa Slicer. So I loaded model to the printer and voila. First trial and success, the piece fits nicely to it's counterpart. Of course, printing needs some refinements (on the picture you can see first experimental print), but model itself is fine. I will definitively use FreeCad more...

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