My projects

Here I post my own projects, which I do in my free time. Most of them I do without any financial reward, just as a hobby, for my own need, as a help to my close family or because of an interest in a new technology or tool.

LDTPardubice box

Submitted by Stopka on

Before christmas 2017 we had a LDTPardubice meeting. We agreed on organizing a secret santa gift giving. So I was looking for some interesting gift to make. And i came up with this box with LDTPardubice logo on it.

Web of Pardubice summer camp v3

Submitted by Stopka on

It's eight years since I created last version of Pardubice summer camp website, so I created a new version. Now it is powered by popular CMS Drupal 8, several extension modules and my custom Bootstrap 3 theme. Web is finally responsive, easily usable and highly editable.

Design should be modern and cheery and colorfull. Primary colors are derived from our logo, yellow and blue. But every content page has it's own generated accent color.

Digalog (Garmin)

Submitted by Stopka on

Highly configurable watchface showing week day, date and both digital and analog clock with always on seconds*. It also shows battery status, connection status, do not disturb mode status*, notification count and alarm count.

This is a port of older watchface made for Original Pebble watch. But these two watch are so different, that these apps have in common only the design.

Logo LDT Pardubice 2017

Submitted by Stopka on

It is a tradition that the main price at the Pardubice summer camp is a colorfull t-shirt with a logo showing the theme of the year. Theme for the year 2017 was "Circus". As usual I tried to create this t-shirt logo and this is the result.

Handlebar end cap

Submitted by Stopka on

Customizable end cap made for bicycle handlebar, but universaly siutable for covering of any hole. You can add singlecharacter image on top. It is also prepared for dualextruder printers.

Stamp holder

Submitted by Stopka on

Stamp body with customizable dimensions. Customization can be done by changing parameters in OpenScad source file or using Thingiverse's Customizer web app.

Customizable watch band

Submitted by Stopka on

Lightweight watchband for original Pebble watch, but also customizable to adapt any standard watchband widths. Customization can be done by changing parameters in OpenScad source file, ore using Thingiverse's Customizer.

Band si designed to print with links already assabled together, so no postprocessing needed. You just connect band to watch using their standart axis.

Rebelix X2/S

Submitted by Stopka on

I built my own 3D printer based on open hardware RepRap printer Rebelix X2, but improved by my own design customizations. Printer consists of plastic parts made by similar 3D printer (I used 3D printers at Czech Technical University), standard aluminium profiles, stainless steel rods and bunch of nuts and screws.

Video LDTPardubice 2015

Submitted by Stopka on

Collection of best videos of 2015 Pardubice summer camp for children in Havlišův mlýn. Video is made to say thank you to all of you, who participated in any form, and to say please participate again next year.
Thanks and we are looking forward to meet you again.


  • Feder ft. Lyse - Goodbye
  • Timmy Trumpet & Savage - Freaks
  • Adrian von Ziegler - Wolf Blood


Submitted by Stopka on

A handy time measuring tool. You can create up to 10 independent timers and/or stopwatches. There are in fact no limits for maximum measured time. Stopwatches offer precision of hundredths of a second, support split time, and have a 30 lap history. Timers notifies you using vibrations. The app is optimized for battery saving by refreshing time display only once per second.


Submitted by Stopka on

Watchface, app, which shows time on the home screen of the watch. This watchface shows both digital and analog time, a day of the week and current date. Moreover it notifies on low battery level and on lost phone connection. On lost connection it also vibes shortly.

Výroční logo LDTMPP 2014

Submitted by Stopka on

On the Pardubice summer camp we have a tradition of giving the competition winner a colourfull t-shirt with a logo symbolizing the year theme. And also it become a tradition that I am the one who designs the logo. Year 2014 is for our camp very special, because it is the 20th year anniversary of establishing the camp organising group. This means, that the logo is also used on things made for celebration events.

Logo and websie for

Submitted by Stopka on

In the year 2012 I bought my own domain for running my custom projects and services. With that I needed to create a main website on the domain to present me and my work on the internet. And now I have enough time to do it.

I created a simple personla website presentig my contact information and list of projects I am interested in. It is build using drupal 7 with several extensions like Views or Entity reference. Design is based on free drupal theme named Sky.

Logo Pardubice summer camp 2013

Submitted by Stopka on

We have a tradition on the Summer camp of Pardubice municipal police, that the main price for winning the camp competition are colourfull t-shirts with a logo representing the theme of the year. And it's also a kind of tradition, that I am the one designing the logo for these t-shirts. In the year 2012 the theme was "Ark". It connects back to biblical Ark, but in our theme we as a human kind are leaving our planet escaping from the attack of evil robots.

Video Pardubice summer camp 2012

Submitted by Stopka on

Memmory for the year 2012 and Summer camp of Pardubice municipal police.

This time the theme of the camp was inspired by the popular Avatar movie and the camp took place at Herolitce near Tišnov. 

Used music: James Horner - Becoming one of ''The People'' (from Avatar soundtrack)

Chrome FlerTop

Submitted by Stopka on

In the year 2012 I switched from using Opera browser to use new Chrome browser. With this change I needed to edit my older Opera extension FlerTop, to be able to use it in the new browser. Fortunately, Chrome extension API is very similar to the Opera one, so it took me only a day to port my extension.